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The best deal on waste removal services

We are based in Sunderland but provide waste removal services to the whole UK, including the Shetland Islands and Isle of Wight

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Here at 1st Recycling Ltd we have made it our mission to provide companies based in the UK with a top quality waste removal services. Providing a company with the services they require quickly while getting the best prices is at the centre of what we do. If you are currently looking for a solution to disposing of waste or cleaning of tanks, we will locate the perfect person for the job. Look below for more information on some of the services we provide. 

Garbage Factory


At 1st Recycling Ltd, we take the health of the environment very seriously and ensures that none of the waste materials we collect from a business ends up in land fill.  So, if you are interested in using our waste removal services you can rest assured it will all be disposed of responsibly and according to environmental laws and legislation. 

Does your company generate large quantities of waste materials such as paper, cardboard or plastic? Our waste removal services mean that any quantity of material that requires recycling can be picked up and taken to relevant recycling plant and sorted on site. 


  • Collection

  • Removal 

  • Sorting 

Recycled Cardboard

Paper, Carboards and Plastic recycling


Certain equipment such as tankers and large vats will sometimes require specialist equipment to empty or clean. Unfortunately these can be prone to leakage but do not fret as we will have a representative on site promptly to clean any spillage that may be halting or impeding productivity on production. 

Tank cleaning & Tankering

As an expert food waste company, we can dispose of a huge range of foods, and are able to collect commercial food waste directly from your site to make the process even easier. We’re proud to say that absolutely none of the waste we collect is sent to landfill. By recycling food waste, we turn it into green energy and nitrogen-rich fertiliser which can be used again. 

Below are the different types of waste we can process at our food recycling plant. Please bear in mind 1ST recycling Ltd  can deal with any type of packaging regardless of whether it is glass  tin plastic , which is recycled,


  • All types of palletised food waste.

  • Effluent waters from food plants

  • High COD Waters including glycols

  • Meat and fish (cooked or raw)

  • Sachets of sugar , ketchups, mayonnaise etc. Coffee pots

  • Cooked food (e.g. rice, pasta, vegetables etc) and Ready Meals

  • Bread/pastry

  • Liquids – milk, soft and alcoholic drinks

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Tea bags, coffee grounds

  • Cereals loose or boxed

  • All Dairy products

  • Egg yokes and whites

  • Any Category 2 and  3 animal by-product (contaminated)

  • The list can go on please ring for more details

food waste
Recycling station

We offer free site audits for waste removal services. 

Food waste disposal

Garbage Truck

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