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Getting you the best deals on waste management

Helping business across the UK dispose of or recycle their waste materials

Here at 1st Recycling Ltd we offer the nation a service that is fast and effective. We apply our knowledge and experience to every individual company’s needs. If you are a company that produces a large quantity of waste materials, we are the company that holds the solution to your needs.

Zero to land fill

Our goal is to ensure that all waste management overseen by us is done in an ethical and sustainable way by making sure that none of your waste ends up in land fill. Click here to find out more about our services.

Paper, cardboard and plastic recycling

Does your company produce a large amount of waste plastic, cardboard or paper? We can assure that no matter the size, weight or quantity of your recycling, will get it properly recycled or disposed of.

Tank cleaning & tankering

Does your site house any large tanks or vats that require regular cleaning? Or has there been a spillage that needs to be cleaned quickly? If so, then we will have someone arrive as fast as possible with the right equipment for the job.

​Are you looking for Health and Safety Consultants to finally get you compliant and remove your health and safety issues ?

Health and safety legislation encompasses all areas of the workplace.

Our H&S purpose is to help you comply with health and safety regulations. We can assist you with any health and safety service.

We will work closely with your business to identify risks in the workplace, provide advice on how they can be controlled and ensure that you successfully meet the required standards.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are always here for you when it comes to meeting your legal obligations as an employer in regards to health & safety matters.

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